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Marriage Celebrant Jenny Stevens


Mobile: 0424563679

Location: 4 Bountiful Court Kirwan Townsville Qld 4817

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies are very personal occasions and each one I do is absolutely different as each couple's needs and vision of their Ceremony is totally different. My fee for a Wedding Ceremony is $540

We can have a fun Ceremony, a classy Ceremony, a laid back casual Ceremony anything but boring :)

When we discuss the type of ceremony that you would like I will offer guidance and suggestions based on your needs.

Some want a simple loving Ceremony.

Others like to include family, their children and Ceremony alternatives.

Others love a story of how they met, their courtship, the proposal, what they love about each other and what annoys them about each other. Nothing better than a bit of humor in your ceremony.

Some have themed weddings, they involve their pets, there hobbies, their footy teams, their dance moves. 

What my service includes

As many meetings with me that we all feel we need to have to get your Ceremony PERFECT for the two of you :) 

1 Rehearsal

1 Bound Ceremony Booklet of your Ceremony that will have enough pages in the back so as your guests can leave you a message therefore keeping your Ceremony and their well wishes all together (you can choose your paper cover and backing from a large variety that I have) 

Laminated palm cards for readings and vows.

Use of my PA and Microphone system at your Ceremony. I wear a mouth Microphone and I supply a cordless microphone for anyone else speaking at the Ceremony.

Use of my table and two chairs and tablecloth at your Ceremony,

if you are having a sand ceremony or the like I will also provide the table for that.

Your Marriage Certificate is done in Calligraphy

I ask that you select three songs - one for entry the second for when we go to the signing table and a third for the end. All you need to do is give me the name of the song and who sings it and I will put it on a USB stick to be played on my PA on the day. I do ask that your MC or someone else please press the buttons to play the songs at the appropriate times on the day. I will run through it with them :) 

You will have to apply to Births Deaths and Marriages for your Certificate of Marriage and they do charge you for this ($52) you also have to provide me with forms of ID. I have all the forms for this and will assist you to complete them and send them off for you.

Use of accessories e.g. feather pens.

As a gift from me you get a bottle of wine that will have your personal vows on the front and the Bridal Procession on the back, you will also receive a pen that will have your names and date of your marriage on it.

I supply and lodge all documents with BDM

Unlimited contact with me via phone and email

My attendance to solemnize your marriage (I will wear colours that compliment your Bridal Party)

You will have to apply to BDM for a Certificate of Marriage and you must provide me with 3 forms, BDM do charge you for this Certificate currently it is $52. I have the application forms you will need and we will discuss this when we meet.

Jul 5, 2019 ... A standard marriage certificate is a recognized identity document and ... certificate applications (average processing time—no additional fee) ..

Please contact me now and let's get started on your Special Day!!

Mobile: 0424563679

Location: 4 Bountiful Court Kirwan Townsville Qld 4817