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Marriage Celebrant Jenny Stevens


Mobile: 0424563679

Location: 4 Bountiful Court Kirwan

Townsville QLD 4817

Hours: All Hours

Mon - Friday All Hours

Sat - Sun - All Hours

“First Meeting”

Please bring with you the following to our first meeting if you can :)

At your first meeting with me we will fill out your Notice of Intended Marriage Form. I have these forms or you can print one off the net, just type in NOIM form Qld.

This form must be lodged with your Celebrant at least one month before your intended date of Marriage. Authorized People listed on the form can also sign your form and then you can send it to your Celebrant. In special circumstances you may be able to receive a shortening of this time by applying to your local Magistrates Court, there is a fee by the Court for this application. The form can be lodged up to 18 months before your date of Marriage. One party may lodge this form but the other must sign it before the date of Marriage.

I must site the following Documents

Original Birth Certificates, these must be the originals and not Certified Copies or photocopies. If you were born in Australia your Original Birth Extract is acceptable.

If your Certificates are not printed in English you will need to get them translated by an Authorized Translator. Documents in other languages must be translated into English. Contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) to seek assistance.

Your Drivers license's (essential as I need photo ID) or Passports.

If you have been married before you will need your Divorce Decree, or if your spouse has died you will need to bring their Death Certificate.

People from a country other than Australia, must provide their current Passport, if they do not have their Original Birth Certificate.

I will also need the year of Birth of any children born out of any Previous Marriage.

I will also need to know if your parents are living or deceased.

Marriage of people under the age of 18 is NOT permitted unless they have a Order of a Judge/Magistrate.

You will both require a witness each that is over the age of 18 and I will need their FULL names please, if you have not picked them yet that is fine we can get that information at a later date.

Also think about what type of Ceremony you would like, if you have no idea that's OK, I will provide you with options and ideas.

Who will be giving you away (optional)

If you know who is in the Bridal Party all their names also please.

l hours