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Marriage Celebrant Jenny Stevens


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The following Ceremonies are optional extra’s that you may like to include in your Ceremony. It is up to the couple to purchase all items required for these Ceremonies.

“Sand Ceremony”

This is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your vows that is symbolic of your new journey together as Husband and Wife. The sand ceremony is similar in meaning to the Unity Candle both represent two individuals united to become one. The Bride and Groom have each chosen a vase that contains sand of their favorite colour. The sand colours represent their personalities and individuality. As the sand is poured into the Unity Vase their personalities and lives combine to become one inseparable entity this is symbolic of the sand never being separated again. The sand ceremony is also a great way of involving members of the family and particularly significant when the couple have children. As each individual’s sand is poured into the family’s one united common container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will become the bond with this family. This is symbolic of the beginning of your life’s journey together as a couple and as a family. The Unity Vase can then be displayed in your home as a reminder of the love and life you share (I like to get the Mum or Dad to pour first and last so as a protective barrier is formed below and above your children as a symbol that you will both be there from the beginning until the end for them)

“Meanings of Different Colours”

Red - Passion, Drive, Fertility, Energy, Spontaneity,Stimulating Orange EncouragementOptimistic, Flamboyant, Adventurous, Warm-hearted, Informal

Yellow - Charm, Confidence, Joyous, Balanced, Enthusiastic, Good- humoured

Green - Finances, Charity, Prosperity, Health, Family Orientated, Dependable

Blue - Tranquillity, Patience, Devotion, Sincerity, Loyalty, Integrity

Purple - Power, piety, Sanctity, Sentimentality, Fantasy, Future

Black - Strength, Wisdom, Vision, Success, Mysterious, Protector

White - Purity, Innocence, Concentration, Meditation, Peace, New beginnings

Gray - Neutrality, Dignified, Balanced, Professional, Mature, Impartial

Pink - Unconditional Love, Unity, Honour, Truth, Romance, Happiness

Brown - Down to Earth, Grounded,, Telepathy, Homely, Natural, Quietly Confident

Silver - Treasure, Moral Values, Creativity, Inspirational, Soothing, Reflection

Gold - Energy, Wealth, Intelligence, Longevity, Understanding, Self-worth   

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Dean and Andrea will now light these candles in loving memory of Dean’s Grandfather Poppy Stump and Andrea’s Grandma Betty Feldhahn, her Poppy Arthur Feldhahn and her Grandpa Frank Leak who could not be with us to share their special day, but their spiritual presence is felt by all who loved them. As they light these candles remember the loved ones who could not be with us today. See them sitting amongst us in their rightful places, beaming with pride, rejoicing for that which Dean and Andrea have found in each other. Sharing in the love and joy that is this day, secure in the knowledge that they are all loved and remembered. For those we have loved and lost along the way a flame to remember them burns here today. For the laughter, smiles and memories remain. Together today their presence sustains. Never forgotten and loved forever more today their blessings flicker and soar”

Wine Ceremony

Mr and Mrs, we are going to move to the Wine Ceremony table, where two wines will be blended symbolizing the blending of two lives and two families into one. Andrew and Deborah please bring forward the red wine and pour it into your family carafe. The red wine is symbolic of happiness, joy, hope, love and delight. It also brings energy, strength, determination, passion and warmth. With a representation of Quentin, strong, deep and dry. David please bring forward your white wine and pour it into your family carafe. The white wine is symbolic of purity, innocence, new beginnings, wholeness and completion. It also brings meditation, concentration, peace and sunshine. With a representation of Carmen light bubbly and sweet. Just as Quentin and Carmen have joined their lives as one they will now join the lives of their two families as they pour the wines from their family carafes into the central Marriage Carafe symbolizing that this Marriage has now created a whole new family unit as it brings your families together as one. Together the red and the white represent the fullness of life’s best experiences and your family’s hopes for the two of you. The colour of the wine is now Rose and the meaning of Rose is quite simply Love. Just as these wines are now blended together and can never be separated into their original forms so will be your union. Quentin and Carmen please pour yourselves a glass of wine and when you drink from the others glass be it with open heart and willing spirit as you begin your journey as Husband and Wife with the fullness of life’s best experiences given to you as a wish from your families. This wine will then be shared amongst your family and friends as they raise a toast in your name”

“Stone Ceremony”

The Stone Ceremony usually uses highly polished stones, size up to you. The guests, bridal party family etc are presented with the stones. The guests may write a wish with their name on the opposite side on the stones with a felt pen. The stones are then collected and kept in a container as a memento.The stones are symbolic of the separate lives both led until they met. Each stone represents a special wish that the couple can take with them to reflect on during their married life together.New stones can be added each Anniversary. You can even use the stones to make a small rock garden at home or place them in a fish tank or water feature. Some couples use seashells, dried flowers, glass or crystal. Some couples gather the stones write the wish and who it is from on a piece of paper then choose to return them to the guests and get them to through the stones into a river. They then revisit the river each anniversary and reflect on the wishes made. Example Celebrant “Today Leah and Clinton’s commitment in marriage needs to be strong and constant throughout the years that lie ahead of them. We do not know what specific challenges life will bring to them. What we do know is that life is like this ocean here before us. The ocean flows bringing opportunities for travel and adventure. It may also bring the debris from things, storm damaged in higher fields. The ocean may need to flow around obstacles, rather than try to hit them head on. We know its magic elixir supports many living things, and deposits silt along its shores that allow vegetation to grow. And yet below the upper layers, where the water may be flowing fast, at the base of the ocean are rocks and stones providing safe hiding places for fish and small aquatic life. A place of safety and of peace. Today Leah and Clinton would like for us to symbolize their marriage as, like a stone on the ocean bed. Their marriage commitment a solid core to their relationship, that will stay firm and stable, regardless of whatever happens as life flows to them, over them, through them and moves on for them. Leah and Clinton know too that any relationship needs the love and support of other relationships, those that you as their family and friends provide for them. Today to symbolize their marriage and your support, I would ask each person to write their name on one side of a rock that is on this table and on the other side write a wish or message for Leah and Clinton that they can take with them where ever they may go during their lives together. The wish maybe a single word such a loyalty, companionship, perseverance or a phrase such as "Living is loving and loving is living, one cannot live without the other” Leah and Clinton will write both their names upon one stone when they are at the signing table. This stone will at the conclusion of this ceremony be carried to the end of the aisle and placed in the basket on the table. Once you have written on your stone please place your stone into the basket also and much like a wishing well all the stones will lie together around Leah and Clinton’s carrying all your good wishes for their future. Leah and Clinton can then keep the stones at their home in a rockery as solid reminders of their commitment and of your love and support in their lives”

“Ring Warming Ceremony”

Around the world the wedding rings are the strongest and most visible sign of the bond these two people are about to make. A commitment to life, to each other and to the future. With a ring warming in your ceremony the rings will not only be a gift from one to another but will be given with the love, support and wisdom of all present. The rings are passed amongst all the guests and they hold the rings thus giving their personal blessing upon the rings before the bride & groom exchange the rings. At the time the rings are exchanged it might be with words like: "These rings, now warmed by those you love the most will forever show the world you are one and they will carry with them the eternal love and blessing of your families"

“Bell Ringing Ceremony”

The Custom of the "Bell Ringer" or "Bell Ringers" is a lovely one.You have heard about the bride being escorted by the bagpiper, but have you heard about the bride or the wedding party being "rung in" by a "Bell Ringer" or "Bell Ringers"?In some parts of the world children or young adults are asked to walk the wedding aisle in front of the wedding party or immediately preceding the bride and the start of the bridal march. The "Bell ringer" or "Bell Ringers" walk the length of the aisle ringing their respective bells announcing the arrival of the wedding/bridal processional or of the bride herself. In some wedding ceremonies the guest are also given small bells to ring along with the "Bell Ringer" or "Bell Ringers". The smaller bells that the wedding guest hold throughout the wedding ceremony are again rung as the bride and groom kiss and then walk down the aisle. These bells are then collected or taken by the guests to the reception where they are again rung to invite the bride and groom to kiss throughout the wedding reception.

“Hand Fasting Ceremony”

“Explanation of The Hand Fasting Ceremony”

“Have you ever wondered where the words “tying the knot” come from? The expression “tying the knot” refers to the traditional Celtic marriage ritual of Hand Fasting. Hand Fasting is an ancient Celtic word for Wedding, and was recognised as a binding contract of marriage between a man and a woman before weddings became a legal function of the Government or a Papal responsibility of the Church. After the wedding vows and the ring exchange, the couple’s hands were bound together by cords or ribbons in a figure eight, signifying the joining of their lives in a sacred union for infinity. Today, Hand Fasting is a symbolic ceremony to honour the couple’s desire for commitment to each other, and to acknowledge that their lives and their destinies are now bound together. Today Chris and Ken have chosen to include this beautiful ritual in their Wedding Ceremony”

“Hand Fasting Ceremony”

"Know now before you go further, that since your lives have crossed in this life you have formed ties between each other. As you seek to enter this state of matrimony you should strive to make real, the ideals which give meaning to both this ceremony and the institution of marriage. With full awareness, know that within this circle you are not only declaring your intent to be hand fasted before your friends and family, but you speak that intent also to God. The promises made today and the ties that are bound here greatly strengthen your union; they will cross the years and lives of each soul's growth. Do you still seek to enter this ceremony?” 

Chris and Ken - “Yes, we seek to enter”

Celebrant - “Chris and Ken, hold your hands palms up with yours Chris resting in Ken’s right hand and then left hand thus creating the figure eight which represents the sign of infinity. The palms face up so as you can see the Blessing that they are to each of you. These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness. These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes: tears of sorrow and tears of joy. These are the hands that will comfort you in illness, and hold you when you are sad. These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times. These are the hands that will give you support and encourage you to chase your dreams. Together, everything you wish for can be realized. Back in earlier years, the hands would be bound with whatever was available - vines, colourful cords, or a scarf. Today we will use these ribbons to symbolize the binding and your promises to one another”

“Hand fasting Vows”

“The first promise” Celebrant - “Ken, do you promise to love Christine without reservation?”

Ken - “I do”

Celebrant - “Chris, do you promise to love Ken without reservation?”

Chris - “I do”

Celebrant - “Chris and Ken, will you be each other’s constant friends and one true love?”

Chris and Ken - “We will”

Celebrant - “And so the binding is made. This pink ribbon represents unity, honour, truth, romance and happiness”

"Blessing of the Hands"

(Hands on top of each other, palms touching)

Celebrant - "These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and vibrant with love that are holding yours on your wedding Day, as you promise to love each other, all the days of your life. These are the hands that will love you passionately through the years, for a lifetime of happiness, and will continue to do so. These are the hands that have countless times wiped the tears from your eyes, tears of sorrow and tears of joy, and will continue to do so.These are the hands that have comforted you in illness, and have held you when fear or grief wreck your mind, and will continue to do so. These are the hands that have tenderly lifted your chin and brushed your cheek, letting your eyes see the complete and overwhelming love and desire they have for you, and will continue to do so. May these hands that we see today be blessed. May they always be held by one another. May they have the strength to hold on during the storms of stress and the dark of disillusionment. May they remain tender and gentle as they nurture each other in their wondrous love. May these hands continue building a relationship founded on love, rich in caring, and devoted in reaching perfection. May (Bride) and (Groom) see their four hands as healer, protector, shelter and guide. 

"Love Locks Ceremony"

This Ceremony involves the Bride and Groom locking two padlocks together during the Ceremony, (you can have these locks engraved and place them in a glass case), the couple then keep the locks in their new home where they can be displayed with wedding photos. The keys to the locks can then be released inside helium balloons (or tied to) so as when released they disappear into the heavens where no man or woman will ever find them for all of eternity and so the union between Husband and Wife is sealed for eternity. Or you may like to give the keys to a friend relative or the Celebrant so as you can unlock these locks and reseal them on a future Anniversary to Renew your commitment and vows to one another.

“Love Lock Ceremony”

Celebrant - “May I please have the love - locks. Elisha and Andrew, as your hearts are now joined together in love, I ask you now to link and lock these padlocks. As you lock these padlocks together you symbolize the strength of your love. These padlocks are made from one of human-kinds strongest metals, and cannot be broken easily. So too will be the strength of your marriage as you work together to ensure it is not broken. Do not look upon these locks as something that will constrain the two of you, look upon them as a promise to each other that you will remain united in your marriage and have the strength of these locks to work through future difference and allow each other to grow. It would be easy to keep the keys to these locks tempting you to unlock them during rocky times throughout your marriage, instead you have chosen to release these keys into the heavens for no man or woman to find for all of eternity therefore symbolizing the certainty you both feel that temptation will not be considered in your relationship. Your Marriage will be one that will grow from strength to strength and you will never take the easy way out.” (You may like to bury the keys beneath a tree to be planted in your yard at a later date)

"Love Letters and Wine Box Ceremony"

This is a beautiful and meaningful way to add a personal touch to your Ceremony; it’s a bit like an Elegant Time Capsule. There are a number of ways to do this. The general idea is that both the Bride and the Groom write a love letter to each other about a week before their Wedding date. Suggested things to put in the letter could be why you love your intended, what attracts you to them, your dreams for your future together, pet names little things they do that you appreciate even things that annoy you etc. Each letter is then sealed in an envelope (it is not read) and placed in a sealed box along with a bottle of wine and two glasses (these kit’s can be purchased online) and locked to be opened on an Anniversary of your choice. You both then share the wine and open the love letters which will rekindle and strengthen your relationship. Some couples decide during the first 5 years of their Marriage, if the marriage is running into trouble and it looks as if they may separate they are to open the bottle of wine at this point share the wine and open the letters to remind them of the love they shared and the promises they made to each other on their Wedding Day. Another nice touch is to open this box on each Anniversary (or 5yr 10yr 15yr 20yr etc) open and read your love letters and share the wine, then each write another love letter to be sealed and only read on the next Anniversary. This is not only a lovely way to share your feelings with each other it is a history of your lives, your love and your hearts. This can be passed on to your children and will become a priceless and treasured possession that they will treasure.

See more images of love letter and wine box ceremony

“Presentation of Family Medallions”

Jacinta and Shane to Bradley Steven Elena and Sam “Bradley Steven Elena and Sam it is with all our love that we give to you this Family Medallion. You then present them then say the following We pledge to you all our commitment as loving parents, to support, protect and guide you, today, tomorrow and always, in wherever your life journey may take you. Our family is represented by this medallion. The three circles represent the entwined love we have for each other and please know that this bond cannot be broken”

The Arras or Coin Ceremony

The celebrant drops 13 pieces of coins (silver or gold) called arras into the Groom's waiting hands, who in turn drops it into the Bride's hands. The Bride then puts her hand above the Groom's then drops the arras into his hands again. The Groom allows the coins to then be dropped into a plate held by an attendant. The metal tinkling of the coins being passed from one pair of hands to the other, is a distinctive reminder of the groom's promise to take care of his wife materially. The bride in return, by giving back the coins to his hands, convey that what they both earn become part of each other's. The trickling sound also signifies abundance and success in the couple's joint efforts.

Meeting Half Way – Bride enters and Groom meets her half way and walks her down the aisle to the Celebrant

Unity Ceremony Wedding Puzzle Unity Ceremony Alternative Custom Personalized Blended Family Puzzle Wooden Tray Puzzle Circle Infinity…Beautiful idea.....The Bride & Groom requested that their guests respond to the invitations with a piece of fabric (any fabric square). Then the fabric pieces were made into a quilt for the newlyweds to have for the rest of their lives.

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